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We wanted to let our clients know that we will be changing our recommendations for Flea and Tick Prevention and what products we are stocking at the hospital. For the last several years we have recommended Bravecto Chews and Topical products for our canine and feline patients respectively finding that clients enjoyed the every 90 day administration process and we had successful levels of prevention of fleas and ticks. 

Brown dog outside

We are still recommending oral flea and tick prevention for our canine patients but we are changing our recommendation to utilizing a monthly preventative versus the 12 weeks preventatives available. There are many benefits to both types of products but the longer lasting products do not offer full protection against all tick species for the full 12 week duration and we are finding an increase in tick borne positive disease exposures and illness in our patients. We no longer feel like this provides the majority of our patients with the level of protection needed in our area with the large variety and volume of ticks and tick borne diseases that are present. The monthly products do offer consistent protection for the duration of the dosing period and we feel better about recommending this for our patients. 


brown catFor our cat patients we are recommending that they utilize a monthly topical and Revolution Plus is our recommendation as it will offer monthly protection against Ticks, Fleas, Ear Mites and Internal Parasites. 


We understand that many of our clients may not want to change their pet's preventative routine and find that Bravecto continues to offer them the desired protection. We will still be carrying the Bravecto Chewable and Bravecto Topical products in our online pharmacy and you can find them here for your ordering convenience. 


If you call to pick up flea and tick prevention at the hospital our team will be recommending Nexgard for our dogs and Revolution Plus for our cats, we will be stocking both of these items for your convenience but they too are available in our Preddy Creek Animal Clinic VetSource Online pharmacy.


For our epileptic or neurological patients we are still recommending Seresto Collars and they will be available only in our online Pharmacy going forward. 


As always we are happy to answer any further questions but hope that this helps all of our customers find the products they are looking for to protect their pets!